When Is It Time To Call A Roofing Contractor?

Drip, drop, drip, drop…

That’s not the sound of your coffee maker, it’s your roof leaking water and damaging your home.

work-picture-7We don’t normally think to look up at our roofs throughout the day, but identifying the signs of roof damage can save you lots of time and money. Before it’s too late!

All it takes is a quick attic walk-through and an outside inspection to make sure your roof can continue to stand up to the elements.

This post will teach you how to spot the signs of a damaged roof.

Teaching you when it’s time to call a roofing contractor like the professionals at Fivecoat Roofing, Inc. Before serious damage occurs to your home.

Attic Assessment:

Below are common signs of leaks and roof damage you can find inside of your attic. When you venture into your attic make sure to carry a trusty flashlight with you to be a well prepared ‘roof-sleuth’.

Do you see:

Signs of water damage or leaking – Failing roof, unsealed nail holes, or damaged shingles.

An obvious symptom of a ruined roof are signs of water stains and damage. If you do spot water stains, test them with your finger or a screw driver to feel if the area is still wet and soggy. Sometimes previously fixed problems will still leave water marks behind.

insulationDark ceiling spots and trails – Leaking or moisture buildup.

The source of a leak may be away from the signs of damage. Water trails can be a clue to where the actual location of the leak is. Moisture can also build up when an attic is poorly ventilated and cause water to condense on the walls and ceiling of your attic.

Roof deck is sagging – Rotten or broken rafter.

Sometimes it will be easy to spot the affected rafter, but sometimes it can be an installation issue that is harder to identify.

Now that you’ve finished the inside roof inspection, it’s time to move on to the outside inspection.

FC-peeling-shinglesOutside Signs of Roof Failure:

Make sure that you use extreme caution if you are attempting to climb onto your roof to inspect it. To avoid risky heights use a pair of binoculars to view your roof safely from the ground.

Do you see:

Missing shingles – Shingles can be torn off during heavy winds especially if not installed properly.

Often times missing shingles are the first sign that you have a roof in need of repair. You may find shingles on the deck or ground around your house.

Curling edges on shingles – Old shingles or poor attic ventilation causing heat and moisture build up.

Curling is generally a sign that the shingles or entire roof section needs repair. In some cases, adding attic ventilation can solve the problem.

Granule loss on shingles – Hail, heavy rains, and old age can cause shingles to loose granules.

If you notice a lot of granules or sand in your gutter or on the ground it may be time for a roof replacement. While some granule loss is normal, it will eventually cause your shingles to leak.

Blistering or flaking shingles – Poor quality shingles or moisture buildup due to poor attic ventilation.

Shingles may show bald spots or large areas of granule loss. If the affected area is small, this can sometimes be treated by replacing the failing shingles.

FC-moss-on-roof-closeupRotting and algae growth – Warm humid climates or water seeping into roof matting.

If your shingles are made from organic materials this can happen more readily over time. Rotting shingles will quickly fail and lead to larger leaks.

Damaged flashing – Improper installation or structure settling.

Flashing is the sheet metal installed around vents, chimneys and other breaks in the shingles to prevent leaking. If your flashing is failing, water may be seeping under your shingles and into your ceiling.

Time To Call A Roofer

inspection If you spot any of the signs we talked about in this post, it is likely that you need roof repair. You should contact a qualified roofer for an inspection and estimate. Some problems can be fixed by simply sealing nail holes and replacing defective shingles. Other problems require an entirely new roof.

In the end, making the necessary repairs to your roof will cost less than dealing with the damages to your home from future leaks.

Get A Roof That Lasts

Always make sure you find a quality roof technician to install or repair your roof. Too-good-to-be-true roof quotes will lead to more costs in future repairs or damage to your house. Take your time to research your roofing company. Positive reviews and decades of experience are a sign of a quality roofing service.

At Fivecoat Roofing Inc. we have over 30 years of experience and use the longest-lasting, most trusted products. We deliver superior service to our customers and offer a full 20 year warranty on labor and material.

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