Signs of a Professional Roofing Job Site

Many times when a homeowner hires a roofing company to repair or replace their roof, their main concern is the quality and cost of the roof. While it is extremely important that you have a quality roof installed to protect your home, there are other important aspects to the roofing process that many clients forget.

There are many horror stories of ruined lawns, stained driveways, destroyed landscaping, hidden nails, and leftover garbage from cut-rate roofing companies. Your experience during and after the roofing process is very important to consider. When you hire a roofingroofing company you want to make sure that not only will your new roof be beautiful, but that your home and yard will stay that way too.

Make sure that you read this post to learn important aspects about the roofing process, before you sign. To ensure that your roofing experience is the best it can be.

Signs Of A Good Job Site

Keep in mind that it is nearly impossible for any job site to stay quiet and spotless throughout the entire process. But, a skilled and experienced roofing company knows how to keep your landscape pristine and your neighbors happy throughout the entire process.

Protecting Property

When heavy trucks and equipment is placed on your driveway and lawn it can cause scuffing and damage if not properly protected. An experienced roof often uses boards or cardboard sheets to ensure that your lawn and concrete take the minimal amount of abuse possible. Make sure to notify your roofer about any extremely delicate sprinklers or pathways before work begins.

Clean Work Site

While a work site may be busy, it can still be clean and organized. Leaving scraps, cigarette butts, and tools all throughout the site is a sign of a roofing company that is more concerned about their needs rather than yours.

The Dumpsterhouse-with-dumpster-front

A good roofing company not only takes care of you and your property, but of your neighbor’s as well. It is important that your roofing company is conscientious of where the debris removal container is placed. The dumpster should not be blocking the roadway or extending onto your neighbor’s property.

Restroom Facilities

Your roofer should absolutely provide their own port-o-potties on site. While it may not be the most beautiful addition to your home, it will ensure that workers are not entering your home to use your facilities. Or worse yet, utilizing your lawn and bushes during breaks.


Let’s face it, using power tools and other equipment to install a roof can be noisy. But it is important to limit noise when possible to make life livable for you and your neighbors. Blaring music and riotous conversations at the crack of dawn are a sign of a roofing company that isn’t thinking about you.

Post Job Clean Up

Roofing can be a dirty job. Nails, shingles, and all sorts of debris can blow or roll off of your roof in all directions. A professional roofer will always make sure to do a post-job site clean up. Inspecting to ensure that the roof was installed correctly, and Pile of nails checking that every bit of leftover materials are removed. Leaving your home like they found it, except with a beautiful new roof.

At Fivecoat Roofing Inc. we treat your home as if it were ours. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and want to make sure that your experience during the roofing process is a wonderful one. We always provide on-site restroom facilities, take care not to damage any plants or landscaping, and keep our worksite clean and organized so that you, and your neighbors, will stay happy throughout the entire roofing process. We even go the extra mile and make sure not to leave any debris behind by shaking bushes and using special magnets to ensure that there are no dangerous nails hiding in your lawn.

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