What is the ROI of a Roof Repair Project?

Here at Fivecoat Roofing, a common question we get for homes in the Portland area is, “what is the return on the investment (ROI) of a roof repair project?” Homeowners rightly want to know they’re getting something out of the investment in their roof.

In today’s post, we’ve outlined considerations going into answering such a question.


Does it Increase the Value of my Home?

The most common concern from clients when investing in a residential or commercial roof repair projects in the Portland area is whether or not it will increase the value of their home.

Unlike a new deck or kitchen remodel, investing in your roof is a little more of a complicated question. Most people don’t think of their roof until there is a problem, which makes them think to put money into it is not necessarily going to get them anything back. Here are some things to consider when asking this question.

What Is the State of the Current Roof?

If you have a relatively new roof, a major repair or replacement is not going to do much to the value of your home. If your roof is currently damaged and leaking, it’s going to do a lot.

No one wants to live or invest in a home or property with a leaky roof. Making sure everything in your house is up-to-date is key to putting your home in the best possible light. Nowhere is this more important than with your roof.


If your roof is old, leaky, or damaged, it’s likely seeping heat and AC. This is causing you to pay more for your electric or heating bills. Even if your roof is not damaged, new shingles reflect UV light a lot better than older ones. Investing in new shingles will let you run your air conditioning for less time, lowering your electricity bill.


Beyond the structural necessity of a properly functioning roof, new roofs are also more attractive. A large part of the value of your home comes from its physical appearance. An old, dilapidated roof isn’t going to be as appealing as a newly repaired or restored roof.

When you do get around to appraising or selling your house, its appearance will be your home’s first impression. Do you want it to look like a run-down house or a place the buyer could picture living?


While maybe not a monetary consideration, unless you are selling the roof immediately you need to be concerned with the livability of your home.

Do you want to live in a house where you will constantly be worrying about whether or not you are about to discover a new leak? Don’t let the stress of dealing with constant roof issues affect your life. Repair it when it’s broken to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of a new or freshly repaired roof.


What Will Happen if I Don’t Repair My Roof?

Some homeowners think if water is not pouring in from above they can hold off on fixing their damaged roof. Unfortunately, roofs don’t repair themselves. Ignoring the issue will only result in paying more to fix problems that could have been solved with a simple solution.

When you do not invest in proper roof repair immediately, the cost of solving the problem goes up.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the issues that will affect the value of your home by neglecting your roof.

Bigger Leaks

Just because water is not flowing into your home like a waterfall does not mean there isn’t a leak. Particularly with multi-layered roofs, you will likely not even notice a leak when it first appears. This does not mean it doesn’t need attention. Leaks do not plug themselves! The bigger the leak gets, the more costly it’s to fix. Fix your leak as soon as you notice it.

Water Damage

Big leaks that aren’t fixed will cause serious water damage to your home. In addition to any noticeable stains on floors or carpets, it’s likely destroying the insulation in the ceiling. The weight of the additional water is also likely causing the ceiling to sag, destroying the ceiling in the process.

faster damage to asphalt shingles along eaves


Here in the Portland area mold is a major problem. When water enters the building and infiltrates the insulation, mold can grow and cause serious issues. In addition to being destructive to the wood, insulation, and roof itself, it’s also extremely dangerous for your family or workers. It’s also expensive to remove once it gets in, and can spread to other areas of your home.


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Can I Sell My Home or Property With a Damaged Roof?

While technically you can sell your home with a damaged roof, no buyer is going to want a home or property needing significant roof repair. When the inspector comes to the home, the roof is going to be a glaring issue. Just because the Portland area is a seller’s market does not mean you can sell your home with a damaged roof!

This will at best become a negotiation point for the buyer and at worst will scare them off completely and cause the sale to be stopped in its tracks.

Not only does a leaky roof cause issues for buyers since repair will be inevitable, it also brings into question other issues with the house. If the roof was leaky, is there water damage? If they cared this little about the roof, what else hasn’t been maintained in the home?


How Do I Get the Best Value Out of My Roof Repair Project?

When choosing a roofer to replace or repair your work, make sure to look for:

  • Local roofers: A roofer from your area will be aware of common issues specific to your region.
  • Experience: The longer the roofer has been in business the more likely you will receive excellent roof repair.
  • Reviews and References: Check review sites to ensure customers are satisfied with the roofers’ work. Reputable roofers should also have references of local customers they can give you.
  • Warranties. This will protect you and any future buyers against faulty work or materials.

If you need help repairing or replacing your roof, contact Fivecoat Roofing today. We offer free, no obligation roof inspections to help you spot signs of roof damage early on.

If you have questions about how to care for your roof, give us a call at (503) 537-0158. We look forward to answering your questions and learning how we can help care for your roof.