Fix Clogged and Leaky Gutters

Ways to Prevent Rain Gutter Failure

Here in the Willamette Valley we know our rain. Umbrellas, waterproof jackets, rain boots, and more. There are many ways that weLeaves in rain gutter. prepare ourselves to withstand the wetness.

But what protection does your home have?

Rain gutters are an integral part of your roof. Taking the gallons of water that pour onto your house and funneling it away from your home. But when your gutters fail, water begins to pool on your roof or on the ground aside your house. This water can rot and ruin your roof or foundation. Causing immense damage to your entire house.

So, how can you prevent clogged or leaky gutters you ask?

Read this post to learn how to keep your gutters flowing and fix any leaks you may find in your gutter system. Keeping your home safe from water damage and your wallet filled with the money you will save in the long run.

Common Gutter and Drainage Problems

Most issues with your gutters are easy to spot.

A gushing gutter above your downspout (the pipe that carries water down from the roof) signifies that your downspout is probably clogged. Leaky seams and joints suggest it’s time for a simple seam repair (we’ll discuss how in a minute). Both problems can lead to rotting wood and damage to shingles on your roof.

But some issues are harder to see and are important to address.

Dams made of moss and other debris in the valleys of your roof can cause extensive roof damage. Standing water and soggy debris quickly soak into roofs causing leaks and mildew issues in your home.

Improper drainage is another invisible problem that can cause expensive repairs in the future. Even if your gutters are draining well, it’s important that the water is being carried away from your home and soaks evenly into the ground. If lots of water soaks into the ground next to your foundation it can lead to concrete cracks and foundation failure. Not a problem you want to have.

How to Unclog Gutters

If you notice you have overflowing gutters or debris dams in your valleys, there are several simple steps to take to get your valleys and gutters flowing again.FC-moss-growing-roof

You will need a stable ladder with a ‘standoff’ or ‘stabilizer’ that prevents the ladder from damaging your gutters. A pair of gloves, waste bin, and strong shooting hose are all necessary as well.

— Always be extremely cautious when you are climbing ladders and working at heights —

Use your ladder to access the overflow and remove any leaves and debris in the gutter. If your downspout seems to be clogged, you can turn your hose to full blast and slowly feed it down the spout. The water pressure and hose will loosen and push any clogs down through your spout.

Use a strong blast of water from your hose to break up and clean debris dams in your valleys. Make sure to remove any debris that collects in your gutters to prevent future clogs.

How to Seal Gutter Leaks

When you see water seeping through the seams or joints in your gutters, an easy seam repair may quickly fix the problem.

Silicone gunYou will need your trusty ladder with a standoff, as well as, some silicone caulking that you can find at your local hardware store.

When you’ve located the leak, completely clean area of dirt and debris and let it dry. This will ensure that your caulking will hold to the plastic or aluminum and create a solid seal.

Once dry apply ample caulking to the seam inside and on the bottom of the gutter. Be generous with your caulking to ensure a full seal. Unless you have a broken gutter that needs complete replacement, this quick seam seal should do the trick.

Water Damage To Your Foundation

When water soaks into the ground next to your foundation and doesn’t dry, it can seep into cracks in your concrete. This leads to water freezing and expanding the cracks in your foundation over and over. Eventually compromising the integrity of your foundation.

To avoid this make sure that your gutters are working and sending water at least six feet away from your home.  You can install gutter extensions or slope the ground away from your foundation to ensure that the water flows away.

Other drainage systems like bubbler drains, French drains, and water catchment systems can ensure that water is contained or evenly distributed into the ground away from your foundation. Installing moisture barriers against your foundation can also help prevent water damage.

Save Time and Money

Ensuring that gutters are working properly and funneling water away from your home is incredibly important. You will save yourself time and money in the long run by simple repairs and gutter inspections.

You can also turn to the professionals to do the job for you.

The expert roofers at Fivecoat Roofing Inc. have over 30 years of experience installing and repairing gutters and water drainage systems. We have the proper equipment and knowledge to safely and effectively keep your home safe from water damage.

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