8 Reasons to Work with a Local Roofing Company

Who do you want working on your roof? At Fivecoat Roofing, we take pride in participating in our community and helping Hillsboro homeowners experience the craftsmanship and customer service that local roofing companies bring to their homes.

There are many benefits to working with a roofing company that is based locally. Read on to learn more.


Local experience

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, local experience is worth at least a couple times more than experience somewhere else.

While roofers from out of town might have plenty of experience, they don’t necessarily have experience working on homes and roofs just like yours. They also likely don’t have experience building roofs that combat the weather of your hometown.

Here in Oregon, this takes on an even greater importance given the wet, abusive winter weather we experience. In Hillsboro, we’re always likely to experience a snowstorm or two as well.


Easier to ask questions and get the information you need

When you work with a big out-of-town roofing company, you’ll likely be getting your questions answered over the phone, not through someone who lives in your own community and can relate to your experiences.

Instead of just being a number, local roofers in Hillsboro will actually speak to your concerns and help you in whatever way they can. The people you are talking with will be members of your community who want to help you solve your problems. Local roofers want to do a good job and make sure the work reflects well on their company. They’ll be more likely to get you the information you need.


You’ll avoid “storm chasers”

A common roofing scam is roofers working in bad faith called “storm chasers.” These dirty contractors travel to communities who’ve just been hit by a storm knowing that there are probably new roofs and insurance money to be had. 

Storm chasers generally utilize aggressive sales tactics and will walk door-to-door looking for victims. Even if your roof is fine, some have been known to inflict damage on roofs that are perfectly fine and were never damaged in the first place just so they can get your cash. 

Once they’re hired, they’ll generally do the bare minimum before skipping town. Even if the roof looks fine right after they’re done, it won’t last as long as a quality roof. And when your roof starts leaking? They’ll be far away and nowhere to be seen to be held accountable.

If you work with a local, established roofing contractor, you’ll know they’re not storm chasers and you won’t fall victim to the issue they bring.



They’ll be here to help you with issues 

Unlike “storm chasers” and many out of town contractors, you can be sure that established local roofing companies will be here years from now if you have any issues with your roof.

Warranties and service guarantees are only as good as the company who is making such guarantees. When roofing companies come from out of town and it’s hard to get ahold of them, how much is their warranty worth? Even local companies who are not established are not going to be much help if your roof is leaking and they went out of business years earlier. 

Only work with a company that you trust will be around for the life of your warranty to actually honor their warranty.



They know the people they work with

When you work with out of towners, many times they are still working with semi-local workers. This is because it’s cheaper to hire a bunch of workers on Craigslist than to hire and ship their own people here to Hillsboro.

So what’s the problem with this? When you are hiring workers from long-distance, it’s impossible to have the same level of quality control on your labor. Even further, you don’t know the kinds of people they are and whether or not they are trustworthy. 

Local roofing companies, much like local businesses of all types, take great care to hire and work with reputable and trustworthy people who will do a good job. 


Reviewed and referenced by local homeowners 

One of the best ways to find a good business to work with is through reviews. Roofing is no different. 

Local reviews provide context for the services a business offers. If you talk with a roofing company and they say that they offer the best roof in town, but their reviews state that their roof was leaking very quickly, you know they should not be trusted. Similarly, if a company says they’re known for their professionalism, but reviews say they were rude and left the job site a mess, you’ll know to not trust them.

Similarly, local roofing companies will be able to provide references from people in your community that will vouch for the quality of their work. This lets you meet the real people who they’ve worked with in the past. 


You can trust they do a good job (or they wouldn’t have stayed in business this long)

In order for a business to be successful for generations, there must be a history and tradition of excellent work. If not, people would no longer go to the business.

Companies that are not rooted in the community can move city to city and don’t have to rely on or care about the goodwill of the community. They can do a bad job and just move onto the next place.

Local businesses need to treat their customers as a partner. The long-term success of their business relies on it. 



Work with a roofer that’s been in the Hillsboro community since 1972

At Fivecoat Roofing, we’ve been local roofers in Hillsboro for generations. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve garnered in the community and can’t wait to continue to build on this reputation for years to come. 

If you have questions on your roof, we’re happy to come out to you to take a look and answer them. Call (503) 481-3699 for your no-obligation estimate and roof inspection.