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When is the Best Time to Inspect Your Roof?

When is the right time for a roof inspection?
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A roof inspection is one of those things we all tend to put off, but it’s an important part of your yearly home maintenance checklist.

The best time to get a roof inspection depends on your roof’s condition, your schedule, and the weather! And of course, a roof inspection is always a good idea after any unexpected (or expected) event that could cause damage, like a heavy tree branch falling on your roof.

In this post, I’ll go over:

  • Why you might choose one time of the year over another for an inspection
  • Times you might need an extra roof inspection
  • What a roof inspection involves and what to do once you learn the results

Let’s dive in!

Roof Inspections Are More Important than People Think

As long as water isn’t dripping from your ceiling, it’s easy to simply assume everything is fine. After all, you have plenty of other things on your home maintenance to-do list, right?

The truth is, preventative roof maintenance is the best way to catch problems early, before they turn into a big, expensive, mess. A skilled roof technician can often spot potential leaks and other signs of damage before they happen, saving you a lot of stress (and money) down the road.

roof shingle damage

Asphalt shingle deterioration due to water damage
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Should Roof Inspections Happen in Spring or Fall?

A quick Google search will tell you that spring and fall are the most popular times to get a roof inspection, and some people have very strong opinions on which is better. The truth is that the most important thing is just to get regular roof inspections when you need them, regardless of the time of year. That being said, there are pros and cons to each option:

Why You Might Get a Spring Roof Inspection

Winter rain, wind, and ice can damage your roof, and they also make it harder to identify any damage that’s there. Once spring hits and the rough weather is behind us, a roof inspection makes a lot of sense. It’s a good time to spot any winter damage and get it fixed before it gets any worse.

Why You Might Get a Fall Roof Inspection

Early fall before the rain kicks in is the perfect time to have your roof inspected. Taking care of problems like loose shingles and leaky areas before winter can prevent more expensive repairs down the road.

Why Is Summer and Winter Weather Hard on Roofs?

metal roof with snow

It’s pretty easy to see why winter rain, ice, and wind can cause wear and tear on your roof over time. But did you know that the sun can also damage your roof? Heat and ultraviolet light from the sun can break down the materials in your roof and cause them to lose their waterproofing properties over time. It happens to every roofing material, from wood shake to asphalt shingles.

That’s why regular inspection and maintenance is so important, even if it feels like the weather has been great!

When Is an Extra Roof Inspection Necessary?

Even with regular maintenance, sometimes things happen that call for an extra roof inspection. Basically, anytime you suspect roof damage, a roof inspection is a great idea.

For example, after tornadoes hit the Oregon Coast in October, many roofs were badly damaged or even completely destroyed. Other roofs likely sustained damage that was less obvious — damage that wasn’t visible to the homeowners right away. After an event like that, a roof inspection is the best way to protect yourself from costly repairs later on.

Other times you might get an extra roof inspection include:

  • After an extra harsh winter with a lot of heavy rain or snow
  • After a very hot, sunny summer season
  • After a branch, tree or other heavy object falls on your roof
  • After any other unexpected event that could cause damage

What to Expect from a Roof Inspection

peel back roof shingle

A good roofer should offer you a thorough and meticulous inspection, and they shouldn’t make you wait long after you call and request one. At Fivecoat Roofing Inc., we offer completely free, no-obligation roof inspections at any time of the year.

Any good roofing company should offer you the following:

  • The inspection should be free, with no obligation to buy.
  • You shouldn’t need to be home at the time.
  • Roof technicians should be able to come out within 48 hours of your request.
  • The process should include a free estimate with a detailed report of findings and the steps you can take to restore your roof to top condition.
  • Any work they do complete for you as a result of the inspection should come with a warranty.

Does Your Roof Need an Inspection?

If it’s time for an inspection, or you just have questions about your roof, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Learn more about our roof inspections, or call (503) 537-0158 today for a free roof inspection.