Working on Your Own Roof

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Complete Your Own Roofing Project

Working on Your Own Roof

Summer in Portland is a really wonderful time of year. The rain is gone (finally!), the sun is out, and the days just keep getting longer. Summer’s a great time to start (or finish) a DIY roofing project at home.

You might be thinking about planting a garden, upgrading your outdoor furniture, creating a play area for your kids, or tuning up your bicycle. These are just a few of the fun projects many homeowners are looking forward.

But what about your roof? If you’re thinking about getting out a ladder and cleaning your roof, repairing a few shingles, or even replacing your whole roof yourself, there are a few things you should know before you start

Today we’re going to talk about the dangers of DIY roof repairs and a few reasons why roof repairs are best left to the professionals.

1. Falls, Insects, Weather & Other Dangers

It’s scary but true: Over 2,000 people die each year from falls off of a roof. That number includes both people doing a DIY roofing project, as well as trained professionals. That’s right, even the with the best safety equipment can be injured on the job. Do you have the helmets, boots, pads, and other equipment you need to keep yourself safe?

Even if you don’t fall off your roof, you can still hurt yourself during a roofing project. Twisted ankles, bruises, and back injuries are all common ailments experienced by do-it-yourselfers. It can be tough to spot weak and soft spots in your roof. Step in the wrong place and you might end up damaging your roof and yourself!

Wasp Nest

Then there are stings from insects like wasps and bees which can be very dangerous, especially if you’re allergic. These critters may have built hard to spot nests on your roof, in your chimney, or in nearby trees. If you disturb them, you’re in for a bad time!

The weather can add an element of danger to working on your roof, too. Brief summer showers (or even evening dew) can leave your roof slicker than it looks, leading to dangerous slips and falls. If your home isn’t surrounded by trees, gusty winds can make you lose your balance.

Even in the best weather, working on a roof can be dangerous. From a distance your roof might not look that steep, but looks can be deceiving. Up close your roof is going to seem a lot steeper, especially once you’re standing on it. You’ll have to be extra vigilant to avoid slips and dangerous falls.

Remember that no matter how safe your roof might seem, it’s a dangerous place.

2. A Roofing Project Takes Experience

Roofing isn’t as easy as it might look. The skills needed to replace shingles and repair leaks take time to develop. And the only way to develop those skills is to work on roofs. A lot of roofs!

At Fivecoat Roofing we have over 30 years experience working on thousands of roofs around the Portland area. You should also know that improperly installed shingles using the wrong tools and techniques can lead to serious problems with your roof down the road. That’s something we see often when we repair do-it-yourself repairs.

3. Do You Know What to Look For?

Damaged Roof

Not all roof problems are so obvious.

Some can lead to damage throughout your home if they’re not caught in time and properly repaired. Beyond the cost and frustration caused by these problems, they can affect your home’s value and make it harder to sell for the price you want.

If you climb up on your roof this summer, will you know how to identify a potential weak spot or leak? Will you be able to tell if your roof needs to be replaced? What should you do if you find a puddle of water? And if you do find a problem, how will you know if you’ve fixed it or just made it worse?

If you’re not sure about the answers to these questions, your do-it-yourself roofing job might cause more problems than it actually solves.

4. You Might Not Love the Results

Really Ugly Roof!

Roofs aren’t just functional. They should look good too! Properly aligning shingles and making sure everything is straight and pleasing to the eye isn’t easy. Even if you finish your DIY roof repair, you might not love the way the results look.

How will you feel looking at a lopsided roof or an uneven shingling job everyday? Wouldn’t you rather have a beautiful roof you can be proud of?

Take a look at our gallery of recent projects to see examples of our roofing work. We take pride in doing work that’s not just long-lasting and structurally sound but beautiful, too!

5. You Might Not Have Fun

Beautiful Summer Day

Are you really excited to spend your summer weekends up on your roof? Wouldn’t you rather spend time with your family relaxing at the beach or by the river? Or maybe going camping or fishing?

Don’t forget that DIY projects always take longer than you think, so that afternoon roof project can easily stretch into a few days or even longer! Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?

6. It’s Not as Cost Effective as You Might Think

Because we work on hundreds of roofs every year throughout the Portland area, we can buy materials and tools in bulk. Buying in bulk lets us keep our costs low and pass that savings along to you. Plus our trained roofers work quickly and efficiently.

If you start factoring in the value of your time (and the other ways you might be spending it), the costs of repairing your own roof compare favorably with the cost of hiring experienced roofers to do the job right the first time.

Trust the Roofing Pros at Fivecoat

If you’d rather not spend your summer up on your roof, give us a call at (503) 305-4419. We offer free, no-obligation roofing estimates, and answer your questions about your roof. We’d love to take a look at your roof and let you know our recommendations for maintenance and repairs.

At Fivecoat Roofing, we want you to have a safe, happy, and fun-filled summer. So leave the roofing projects to us!

Photo Credits: Robert Cuse Baker, Gordon, Tonamel, Dennis Jarvis, Kirt Edblom